4 awesome reasons to use Japanese Cobalt scissors in your salon

4 awesome reasons to use Japanese Cobalt scissors in your salon

If you run your own salon, or work as a hairdresser in one, then you know how important the right scissors are. As the key piece of kit for cutting hair, you need a pair that is great to use and enables you to deliver amazing results for your customers. For many professional hairdressers now, the scissor of choice is Japanese cobalt. You may have seen other hairdressers using these or have read about them in the media - but what is it that makes them so special?

Super strong and durable

One big advantage with using this kind of hair scissor is the superb strength they have. The metal used allows the scissors to be tough enough to cut with on a daily basis with no problems. Japanese cobalt is generally regarded as the best steel around to produce hair shears due to the amount of wear and tear it can handle. 

Resistant to chemical reactions

Another outstanding feature of this kind of professional scissor is the way it is resistant to any kind of chemical reaction from your hairdressing products. The Japanese cobalt alloy our scissors contain enables them to stand up to the various hair care products used when cutting hair. This is a big bonus compared to other types of scissors that do react with chemicals and thus degrade over time.

Great to cut with

As well as the technical aspects around the material itself, it should not be forgotten that they are just awesome to cut with. They are very well balanced which makes them comfortable to use all day and easy to manoeuvre. This balance also allows for a whole range of cuts to be delivered with the most stunning results. 

Look amazing

A big part of choosing your hairdressing equipment is how it looks. When customers come to your salon, you want them to be impressed by the kit you are using. Japanese cobalt scissors deliver here as they have a fresh, modern look that screams style. This will give your customers confidence that this style will be passed onto them when you cut their hair. 

Order yours today

If you would like your own pair of these amazing scissors then browse our website today for more details. We only use the best Japanese Cobalt alloy in producing our hair shears for simply jaw-dropping results.

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