4 steps to choosing the right hairdressing scissors

4 steps to choosing the right hairdressing scissors


Hairdressing scissors are very expensive and many hairdressers end up mistakenly buying scissors that they don't really like. Here we explore the four key considerations that you should make when choosing your hairdressing scissors to get the best ones for you every time.

1. What will you use them for? The first key consideration is in what you will be using the scissors for. If you are doing straight cuts then you can suffice with a lower quality of scissor, but if you are cutting hair after treatment then you will need a much finer pair. Chemicals from treatments and dyes can destroy scissors so you need to invest in the best cobalt Japanese hair scissors if you are cutting treated hair.

2. What length do you need? The length of your scissors is also very important because different lengths are effective only for different types of cut. When investing in high quality barber scissors you want to buy the ones you'll be able to use most often. Ensure that you get the right length of scissor to make the investment worthwhile.

3. Are they durable? A hairdresser should be able to get several years out of each pair of hairdressing scissors so it is worth spending a bit more to get a pair that will last the rigours of your job. The Kobaruto barber scissors are made of an extremely tough alloy that will be able to survive the chemical treatments and are able to be sharpened for longevity of life too.

4. Are they comfortable? Perhaps the most important element in choosing a new pair of scissors is the comfort of use. After the durability of the scissors it is their comfort that will determine how long you can use them for. Hairdressers will need to hold and use their scissors for huge portions of the day so it is important that they are comfortable when doing so. Ensure that you test your new professional hair shears for comfort when they arrive. When choosing a new pair of professional shears you should not overlook the Kobaruto cobalt scissors. These scissors are made from the finest Japanese alloy and will last the test of time.

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