5 fringe styles to try this year

5 fringe styles to try this year


Every woman can wear a fringe. Whether it be blunt, layered, sweeping, or curly, there really is a fringe out there to suit every woman and face shape. What is needed to create the perfect fringe is a talented stylist, the correct scissors, such as cobalt scissors with a sharp edge, and lots of creativity. Below we explore 5 fringe styles for you to explore this year.

1. Long straight fringe with curly hair If you have curly hair but dream of having a straight fringe, then simply go for it. The straight fringe looks super sexy when it's framed with curly locks. This look also works well when curly hair is pinned back, giving a gentle, romantic look.

2. The wavy or curly fringe If your hair is particular wavy or curly, and you simply don't have the time to straighten your fringe, then just leave it curly. This type of fringe works best when it's kept long, is full, and is slightly layered.

3. The long side-swept fringe The long and side-swept fringe works best on hair that is super straight. This is a good option if you want to add the definition of having a fringe, but don't want to cut your fringe too short. It also gives you the option of pinning your fringe back for a completely different look.

4. The feathered and layered fringe The feathered fringe has always been popular and remains so today. This fringe is perfect for those who have an angular shaped face, as it can dramatically help to soften the face's features. Most women will suit this style of fringe.

5. The blunt fringe For a bold and dramatic look, you really can't beat the blunt fringe. Women who have a found face can really benefit from having a long blunt fringe as it can help to sharpen their facial features.

For an even more daring look, opt for a really short blunt-cut micro fringe a la Emma Watson. Having a fringe can totally change your face shape and look. Chat to your stylist and see what they suggest. Be bold and get that perfect fringe for you.

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  • Marina Kyriacou
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