5 hairstyles that will make you look much younger

5 hairstyles that will make you look much younger

 Hairstyles change throughout the seasons and as we age. But choosing that perfect hairstyle as we age can be a little challenging. The trick is to adapt your current hairstyle, add texture, and to work with your bone structure. Below we share five hairstyles that will make you look much younger.

1. The sleek bob

A bob suits all ages, but as we get older the length is best kept a little longer at the front to help create volume, although the length can be shorter at the back. A bob that features sharp layers will also create definition and accentuate eyes and cheekbones.

2. The short, wispy look

A textured hairstyle will help to disguise any skin blemishes and wrinkles. It's a good idea to add a few wispy strands, even if hair is short, particularly around the neckline, to hide any imperfections. If you have a high forehead, then a wispy fringe is also a good idea.

3. The bob with added volume

We all need hair with added volume as we age. Adding layers to the crown of your head, no matter what length of bob, is a great way to create much needed volume. Adding styling product and blow-drying hair will also help to create volume, helping to soften your features.

4. The full fringe

Everyone suits a fringe, no matter what your age or face shape. A full fringe not only helps to add volume to your hairstyle and create the illusion of thicker hair, but it can also hide any fine lines and forehead wrinkles. A fringe cut to eyebrow length will also help to define your eyes.

5. Natural shoulder length hair

As we age the ends of our hair are more easily split and prone to damage. As a general rule, hair is best kept to at least shoulder length. This will help your hair look fuller, thicker, and healthier. It will also make you look younger.

All of these hairstyles require the use of a professional hairstylist and extra sharp Japanese Cobalt scissors. To learn more about our professional hair shears and scissors, get in touch with us today.

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  • Marina Kyriacou
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