5 Stunning afro hairstyles for you to embrace this summer

5 Stunning afro hairstyles for you to embrace this summer


 Afro hair is gorgeous, but it can be difficult to know what style to embrace, what products to use, and how to colour your hair.

Below we explore five hair trends that are a little bit different for you to try this summer.

1. Fun Afro bangs The trend for big and full on bangs is due to stay strong this summer. The good news is that Afro hair can fully embrace this trend. Keep those bangs full, long, and cut to a sharp and defined finish with professional cobalt scissors.

2. The blonde Afro Summer is fast approaching, so why not go blonde? Not only will this bright colour help to rejuvenate your skin and help give it a natural summer glow, but it will also make your curls go 'pop' and add definition. If you don't want to go the whole way, then you can simply add blonde streaks.

3. The blogger bun The blogger's bun, which is also known as the low bun, really suits Afro hair. This look is incredibly stylish, but low key at the same time when you need that easy to do hairstyle. Just be sure to leave a few loose coils to help frame your face.

4. Golden hair cuffs This trend is perfect for the festival season or for that special occasion. Golden hair cuffs are attached to sections of your hair that are simply stunning. To help you achieve this look, it is important that your hair is in the best possible condition and has been recently trimmed, ideally with professional cobalt scissors to achieve the sharpest and cleanest edge.

5. Tapered Afro This trend is ideal if you are in the process of growing your hair and you are between styles. It's important to keep as much length as possible on top, while hair is then carefully tapered towards the neck. This is such a manageable style that gives you plenty of hair to work with while growing your hair.

Have fun and embrace these Afro style trends with the use of the right products and professional cobalt hair scissors.

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  • Marina Kyriacou
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