6 tips for choosing professional hair scissors

6 tips for choosing professional hair scissors

Hair stylists and barbers know that the right scissors are vital for creating fashionable haircuts and styles. When it comes to choosing the best scissors to suit your needs, it is a matter of personal choice, but some top tips for choosing hair scissors are discussed below.

Top tips for purchasing hair scissors

1. Before buying sets of hair scissors for your salon, ask to try them out. This way you'll be more confident the professional hair scissors you choose can meet your expectations.

2. The types of scissors you need will vary depending on the cutting you do. Short bladed scissors are good for some cuts, but could actually be quite dangerous when used for styling certain common hair cuts. Long bladed scissors are often easier to use and can cut cleaner.

3. Check out a variety of different scissor brands before making any buying decisions. It's often the case that the inexpensive brands can be just as good as dearer scissors, and feel fine when used for a long period of time. Scissors should sit comfortably in the hand to minimise the risk of fatigue.

4. Make sure you understand the differences between toothed scissors and texturising blades. Toothed scissors are used for thinning hair, while texturising blades create volume and texture. If possible, check out both types to find the set that's right for your cutting requirements.

5. Convex blades, or Japanese style scissors, offer the sharpest available blade with an edge like a razor, to provide a smooth action when cutting. They are suitable for a variety of cutting styles, particularly slicing, however, more suited for use by skilled hairdressers with plenty of experience. They are manufactured in a process similar to the one used to create Samurai swords, so can be a little more expensive, but could well last throughout your entire career.

6. Make sure your scissors are supplied with a warranty of at least a year, as this gives peace of mind that they are suitable for professional use.

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