A guide to different hair cutting techniques

A guide to different hair cutting techniques


When it comes to cutting your hair, there isn't just one technique in place, rather there are a variety of techniques to choose from that create different styles. Below we discuss the various cutting techniques commonly used in the hairdressing industry.

1. Club cutting

This is sometimes referred to as 'blunt' cutting and is often used when the top of the hair or the sides. The section of hair you wish to cut is held out from the head and cut off at the tips.

2. Scissor and clip over comb

Scissor and clip over comb is a hairdressing technique that uses the comb as a guide for cutting in areas where the hair is too short for a finger guide. This is typically in areas around the ears or the nape area.

3. Graduating

This technique involves using the length of the outside line as a guide, the hair is held away from the head, cutting away the bulk from the outside line.

4. Thinning

We can thin the hair with scissors or a razor. We typically thin our hair to soften the features of a new hairstyle, or to increase volume at the root.

5. Freehand

Freehand is not a method in itself, rather it's used at a hairdressers discretion. For example, by using the features of the head as a guideline, you could create a straighter first guideline by using a freehand cutting method.

6. Texturising

This involves cutting the hair into different lengths to produce various different looks. Long hair can be made to look less uniform or more ragged, short hair can be texturized to create a spiky hair look or a combination of both long and short hair we can create more fashionable looks. Lots of hairdressers combine different hair cutting methods to create the desired look. Every hairstyle has a specific cutting technique to achieve it and by changing the cutting technique we can create a whole range of style. It's important to use high-quality cutting scissors when creating hairstyles, and when you use Japanese Kobaruto cobalt scissors, you are using a product that is extremely strong and resistant to chemical reactions from hairdressing treatments meaning it's the perfect set of scissors to use for your profession.

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