Best aftercare practices for your hair scissors

Best aftercare practices for your hair scissors

For any hairdresser, maintaining your scissors is key. Once you have chosen the best scissors for your needs, it is vital that you conduct regular maintenance on them to ensure that they stay strong and sharp. 

While many amateur hairdressers will neglect to look after their scissors, and even some professionals only undertaking a cursory wipe down once in a while, our experts know that the best way to keep your scissors pristine is to really nail your aftercare routine. As such, Kobaruto’s experts have put together a short guide on how best to treat your hair scissors immediately after using them.

1. Remove any hairs caught between the blade

When cutting hair, it is common for individual strands to become caught in between the blades, or even in the central moving connection. These should always be removed immediately to ensure that they do not hinder the mechanism, thereby making your scissors stiffer and harder to use.

2. Wipe down the blades

Especially important when you have been cutting hair on which you have used large amounts of oils or sprays, you must wipe down your hair scissors to remove any traces of products on them. Chemical reactions can occur if you fail to properly clean your scissors, significantly reducing the longevity of your blade. However, a top tip from our experts is to always choose Japanese cobalt alloy for your professional hair scissors, as the metal is exceptionally resilient to chemical degradation. 

3. Store your scissors in a case when not in use 

Once you have finished cutting and subsequently cleaning your scissors, you should store them safely away in a protective case. Not only does this remove the risk of you losing them, but it also means they won’t get damaged by other heavy objects in your bag when moving around. Equally, if you are working in a salon, it means no one will accidentally ‘borrow’ your scissors and fail to clean and properly maintain them as you would. 

At Kobaruto, we pride ourselves on offering our clients the very best Japanese cobalt hair scissors and hair shears. For more information about our products, please take a look at

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