Best Professional Scissors or Shear

Best Professional Scissors or Shear

The scissors and Shears we use to cut our hair with can help us design healthy and beautiful hair styles. It’s so important for us to build the skills to create these beautiful styles, but it's even more important for us to have the proper types of scissors or shears to stop damaging our hair or creating an uneven cut. The very best professional hair shear makes hairdressing and hairstyling much more easier. There’s a large variety of hair scissors and hair shears on the market today and from our experience many are over priced and do not give you value for your money.

At Kobaruto we pride ourselves on very high quality scissors that don't cost the earth.

Black Cobalt Shear for a stylish look, crafted by the best for the best.


Professional Scissors

Blue Cobalt Shears with a comfort non slip grip and precision styling.



Classic feal hair shears for seasoned stylists and barbers.

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