Four top hairstyle trends for 2019

Four top hairstyle trends for 2019

It's the time of year when everyone wants to make a fresh start - so your salon needs to be prepared for makeover season! Check out the trends that every girl will want to be on top of at the beginning of 2019, to get the year off to a fashionable start.

1) The modern bob

Bobs are never out of style - but the new take on this classic hairstyle is seriously blunt, and demands top quality tools. Grab your Japanese cobalt scissors and get snipping. For the perfect, up to date look, keep it just at the jawline, getting slightly shorter at the back. Don't straighten it too much, or the cut can end up looking too severe - leave it cool and casual, for effortless, messy chic.

2) The long fringe

Make a change without sacrificing that length that you've been growing for years. A subtle fringe is the easiest way to update your look if you have long hair. The 2019 take on this style isn't a harsh, thick fringe. Cut gradual layers, starting around eyebrow length and getting longer to softly frame the face. This is a versatile way to add interest to a style, while still keeping it long and allowing for easy ponytails and updos.

3) The 21st century pixie

On the other hand, if you want a completely radical transformation, go short! The new take on the pixie isn't quite as short as it used to be. It should look a little bit messy, like it's already in the growing-out stage, and it works well with a fringe that hits the eyebrows, rather than the middle of the forehead. This is the ideal, low-maintenance style that needs nothing more than a hit of product on the way out the door to look its best.

4) The long blunt look

The days of all-over layers are behind us. Severity is in this year, with this new look already proving a major hit. Cut the hair at or below the shoulders, and keep it blunt all the way around. Again, this style demands a precise cut or it can end up looking a mess. Done right, and it's the perfect way to transform yourself for 2019.

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  • Chloe Bowden
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