Glass Hair: Autumn’s Sleek New Hair Trend

Glass Hair: Autumn’s Sleek New Hair Trend

Now we’re finally moving out of the hot, humid weather of summer, sleek and flawless hair is making a comeback. The latest celebrity trend is ‘glass hair’, a look that’s so shiny and smooth the hair actually looks like glass. Straight out of Hollywood, this trend for glass hair is a natural progression of the summer’s biggest hair hit, the bob. 

A sharp, well-defined cut is essential for glass hair, also known as silk press. A perfectly straight, angular bob can be achieved with professional shears such as the Japanese cobalt hair scissors. Once your flawless bob is in place, there are a few steps to perfecting it with the glass-like look that’s hitting the red carpet this season.

1. Wash the hair well. Choose a shampoo that won’t leave a heavy residue on your hair. Check the ingredients for silicone or thickening agents. While these ingredients are great for some styling techniques, they won’t work for glass hair.
2. Avoid conditioner. Instead, use an anti-frizz treatment. This will keep the hair feeling light, and start to create the right texture for glass hair.
3. Blow dry hair and straighten it to ensure the hair is perfectly straight. This style is all about lines and angles, which is why a great pair of hairdressing scissors are essential during the initial cut.
4. Find a good quality shine serum for an extra slick of reflective gorgeousness.

Because this style hates humidity, it’s not the easiest of looks to maintain. That’s what makes it ideal for autumn. Cooler weather and crisp, dry mornings are the perfect time to get those sleek locks working. Muggy, humid days will not suit this style, so check on the weather before reaching for the shine serum.

This style is already taking Instagram by storm, with the likes of Kim Kardashian to Hailey Baldwin all swishing their smooth and sleek bobs for the cameras. Join the trend with professional Japanese hair scissors, a few good quality products and just a touch of patience! Get in touch to find out how we can supply you with the shears required for precision styles like this.

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  • Marina Kyriacou
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