Hairstyles with an anti-ageing secret

Hairstyles with an anti-ageing secret

As we grow older, we often find ourselves experimenting with the way we look; our hair is no exception! With the opportunity to create a different hairstyle, or dye it a different colour, your hair is a feature that can completely transform the way you look. Some haircuts will actually take years off you, and who would say no to that? With a simple pair of hair scissors, you could do wonders, especially if they’ve been created especially for hair styling like Japanese cobalt scissors.

It’s too easy to revert back to your favourite haircut over and over; it’s time to be brave and see what a pair of scissors could do. Your hairstyle can play a huge role in how old or young you’re perceived to be. So, what anti-ageing hairstyles can you achieve with just a pair of professional shears?

Long layers

Choosing a hairstyle with long layers can make up for any hair thinning, as it adds volume in all the right places. The layers should be of differing lengths, grazing your jaw and clavicle for a more flattering and softer appearance. This can be achieved through using professional hair scissors, cutting neat, sharp layers at the right place. Then it’s up to you to style your new look; brush it out and smooth your layers to ensure it’s sleek.

Modern shag

The modern shag is a hairstyle that refers to varying layers and lengths, creating a very contemporary, shapely appearance. A mid-length cut with gradual, choppy layers looks great no matter what age you are. Add bangs to disguise any stubborn or prominent wrinkles. Taking a pair of professional shears to your hair can result in creating precise layers that frame your face perfectly. Style your new hairdo by playing with texture; use a hairdryer with a diffuser attachment to create a natural wave.

Long bob

A long bob is a very manageable hairstyle that creates a fuller appearance all the way down to the ends. It is great if you are starting to suffer from weaker hair. This was a hugely popular hairstyle last year with celebrities like Selena Gomez, Emma Stone and Rosie Huntington-Whiteley rocking the trend. Style your ‘lob’ by using a curling wand and tease strands of hair away from your face.

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