Have fine hair? Here are some top haircut tips to create volume

Have fine hair? Here are some top haircut tips to create volume


Do you have fine hair and want to create a new look with lots of volume? Well, don't worry, as with the correct scissors, hairstylist, and products, you can create that hairstyle with bags of volume. The good news is that fine hair is incredibly malleable and manageable. It is great to work with, suits most hairstyles and face shapes.

Hairstyle ideas

Fine hair is exceptionally suited to create waves and curls. This instantly creates added volume as the hair looks bigger as curls bounce. Other options include the introduction of a blunt bob, achieved with cobalt scissors. The blunt bob can have so much depth when using the right products and drying technique. Another useful technique is to cut a straight fringe, helping to add texture and definition.

When you have long hair

Many women believe that they can't embrace long hairstyles if they have fine hair, but they can. Long fine hair can hold any style, the key is to ensure that your hair is healthy and is cut well. Layers are a good idea, but it's essential to keep those layers long, and to not cut them too short, as this can make hair appear thinner. The good news is that long hair is incredibly flexible, as you can style it straight or add curls for even more volume.

When you have medium length hair

If you prefer to wear your hair a little shorter, then the good news is that mid length blunt haircuts will help to add that much needed volume to your fine hair. The key here is to cut the hair incredibly straight with cobalt scissors, and to not add any layers. The heavier the hair is, the easier it is to manage and the thicker it will appear. Team a blunt bob with a blunt fringe for even more oomph.

Short hair

If you want a short hairstyle, then this can also incorporate a style with heaps of volume. Cropped hair can be made to look thicker, especially if the top is layered and teamed with a sweeping fringe. This can also add much needed height. Another tip is to add multi toned colours to add depth.

Whatever length of hairstyle you choose, be sure to use professional Japanese cobalt scissors, as these are the best type of scissors to use on fine hair.

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