How to adjust your professional hair scissors blade tension

How to adjust your professional hair scissors blade tension

It's so important to understand how to adjust your schears blade tension to make sure the maximum performance of your shears and extend scissor blade durability.

If your blades tension is loose, it will allow your shears to fold the hair instead of cut it. If they are too tight, it will cause unnecessary wear and tear and create user overtiredness.

The best test for the tension on your shears, you should hold the shears with the tension adjuster facing you and the thumb handle in your left hand.

While holding them make sure the shears are perfectly straight, lift up on the ring finger handle and open the blades halfway, then let the ring finger handle go.

The shear blades should drop down and close 2 thirds of the way from the tip of the blades to the back of the blades.

Your shears should have a one to two inch gap between the blade tips.

To tighten the tension, turn the adjustment tension knob to the right.

To loosen the tension, turn the adjustment tension knob to the left.

If they are still close all the way down, you should repeat the steps until there is a 1" to 2" gap between the tips of the blade.

If your shears hang open, adjust them by adjustment the tension knob until the correct gap is achieved.

Here's a video where we used a 7 inch shear to adjust the tension using an adjustment key that came with it.




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