How to choose the right curly hairstyle for your face

How to choose the right curly hairstyle for your face


Choosing the right hairstyle is often difficult, and we all know the fear of walking out of a hairdresser's studio with bad hair! The best way to get rid of the fear of hair scissors is to tailor cuts to facial shapes.

Here's a guide on how to do that.

1. Long face Long faces go well with long haircuts. There are two main options: one is more classic and elegant, the other more wild and fun. The first option is good for wavy hair and for tight and round curls. It's an even cut, which gets lighter just at the tips: the romantic effect is guaranteed. The second option is to cut the hair on various levels, creating a "lioness" look. But don't exaggerate with the unevenness, or it will be way over the top!

2. Heart-shaped face Heart-shaped faces go best with shoulder-length hair. If the curls are tight, a wild look will work. Make it lighter using some professional hair shears! If the curls are looser, then go with carré. Short hair can also work with heart-shaped faces, but don't go for a pixie cut: keep the hair at the length of your cheeks for optimal effect.

3. Square face Square faces have strong jaws and do best with a softening haircut. The ideal solution is a cut that's full of volume, with a side fringe. A bowl cut is also always a strong choice!

4. Oval face Oval faces go well with almost any kind of cuts! The only limit is hair that is too short. So go wild with scissors and hair shears, anything is likely to be safe!

5. Round face If you have a round face then the haircut can make it look finer. Stay away from short haircuts, which have the opposite effect. Long or shoulder-length cuts are ideal. Make sure they are full of volume at the root, so as to create a beautiful frame for the face.

Whatever haircut you choose to go for in the end, it will only look its best if you are using professional scissors. Japanese cobalt scissors, specifically, are ideal for handling curls!

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  • Marina Kyriacou
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