How to cut a long layered fringe

How to cut a long layered fringe

We all like to create different hairstyles and to change the way we look. Choosing to have a fringe cut can be a great way of instantly creating a fresh new hairstyle. Cutting any type of fringe is trickier than it looks. To achieve that perfect long layered fringe you need a good pair of cobalt scissors, cutting know how and a steady hand. Below we explore how to achieve that long layered fringe look.

Start with damp hair

It's always best to cut your hair when it's damp. Wash your hair and then dry it with a towel. Another option is to dampen your hair using a spray bottle. Just make sure hair is wet before you begin to cut.

Now part the hair

The next step is to comb your hair and to section it. What you want to achieve is the shape of a half moon. Just start from one side and then sweep across to the other side. The longer your hair, the more hair will need to be parted. Just make sure there are no tangles or knots.

Get twisting

Once your hair has been parted you'll then need to get twisting. The reason behind this is that you don't want to create a blunt effect. Twisting the hair will give a natural layered effect. This is because the hair is cut at different lengths, helping to create a softer look.

What should you cut?

So, where exactly should you cut? This very much depends upon the type of hair you have (curly, fine or thick) and how short you want the fringe. Don't forget that curly hair will spring back once dry. So, always cut slightly longer for wavy or curly hair.

The right scissors

Don't forget the importance of using a good pair of scissors. The sharper the blade the more accurate the cut. Cobalt Japanese scissors are professional hairdressing scissors that create that sharp cut, and which give you greater control of where you cut.

Shake it out and then dry

Once you've cut your hair, it's time to shake it out and then blow dry your hair gently with the hairdryer. Use a rounded brush to soften those layers. Run your fingers through your new long layered fringe. All done!

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