How to keep your hair protected this winter

How to keep your hair protected this winter

From snow and sun to wind and hail, the winter weather can often take a toll on the most exposed part of the body: your hair. But there are a few ways to protect your hair from the elements and stop winter from bringing split-ends and weak, brittle hair. Here is a handful of helpful tips to keep your locks healthy and party-ready. 

Change up your style

A new season can mean a brand new 'do! The winter seasons are particularly difficult on longer hair, which can be more susceptible to breakage and loss of strength due to exposure from the elements. Stylists recommend tapping into an emerging new trend of hair styling using Japanese cobalt hair shearers for a dramatic, stylish and professional cut, popularised by Kobaruto.

Forget the heat

Heat from styling equipment such as straighteners and curlers will often bring increased dryness to your hair by dehydrating it from essential moisture and oil. This can cause split ends and breakage with naturally fragile or fine hair. It's recommended that those who style their hair daily use extra layers of heat-protection products, like leave-in conditioners or heat defence sprays, to prevent hair from breaking. Stylists also recommend trying alternative methods of styling that don't require heat to protect the hair from continued exposure to heat, such as buns, ponytails or braids.

Get the right hat

A fluffy winter hat might seem like the perfect accessory to those cold commutes in the early morning, but be warned- the linings of some headwear can increase the damage to your hair. Hats lined with wool or cotton can increase the chance of breakage in the hair. Invest in a hat with a silk or satin lining, which is gentler on the hair, or sew some spare fabric into the inside of your favourite piece for a more DIY approach. 

Your hair is just like any other part of your body- not only does it need nourishing and taking care of, but it changes depending on the seasons. Use these helpful hints to keep your hair looking soft and healthy all the way until spring!

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