How to save your hair from the wind and rain

How to save your hair from the wind and rain

With autumn well and truly here, and winter starting to peek it's head over the horizon, your hair isn’t going to enjoy the next few months. Strong winds, lots of rain, and the significant changes in temperature and humidity when entering and leaving buildings will all have a negative impact on your hair and your style. 

However, don’t despair! Our experts at Kobaruto have years of experience of helping their clients deal with this miserable weather, and have created a short guide on how you can help protect your hair from the wind and rain.

1. Hairspray 

While it may seem obvious, a good quality hairspray can really help to protect your hair from becoming frizzy during the wet and windy weather. Hairspray coats each strand with an invisible film to prevent moisture causing frizz, and helps the hair to stick together, keeping its shape. There are many different types of hairspray though, so make sure you speak to your stylist about which is the right one for you!

2. Consider a different style

If your hair is naturally light and thin, it will be difficult to keep it down and looking perfect all day. If you have important meetings or a big date, then it may be worth considering styling your hair in a different way. Braids or a classic ponytail can all be worked to fit any situation, and you can be sure that the style will stay looking perfect, regardless of the weather.

3. Ensure that your hair is cut properly

By having your hair cut correctly, you will help to protect it from the elements. Having split ends cut off will stop the split travelling further up your hair (which is exacerbated during the winter due to the temperate fluctuations), and an expertly cut design will naturally keep its shape in a light breeze. Therefore, make sure that you go to a professional hairdresser, who uses professional equipment – if someone is using Japanese cobalt scissors, for example, you can be sure that they know what they are doing. 

At Kobaruto, we pride ourselves on manufacturing the best quality Japanese hairdressing scissors, only using the finest quality Japanese cobalt alloy. For more information about our products, please visit

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