It's a hat trick: which one suits you best?

It's a hat trick: which one suits you best?

Are you wearing a hat to keep warm during winter? Or packing a beach hat before you jet away on holiday? There are many reasons for you to head out with a hat on! Below are three tips for choosing a hat that will go well with your hairstyle:

1. Berets and bobs

Berets look fantastic with short hairstyles, whether straight or curly. You can give thin hair the appearance of more volume by brushing your bob into a heavy side parting, and wearing your beret at an angle over the other side. An angled beret also works well if you have an asymmetric haircut or a half-shaved hairstyle. If you are going to pull your beret down, leaving only your bangs on show, make sure you have some quality hair scissors to tidy up the ends. You can achieve a razor-sharp cut with Japanese cobalt scissors and this neat finish will contrast nicely with a textured knitted beret. 

2. Bands and buns

Top-knots for business, messy buns for sport, and intricately plaited buns for formal occasions. Buns are incredibly versatile... but they don't fit well under hats! The Duchess of Cambridge has worn a range of headbands recently, and these have complemented her classy up-dos perfectly. Headbands are also great if you don't want to hide your dyed hair beneath a hat. Japanese cobalt scissors are resistant to chemical reactions from hairdressing treatments and are a good choice for snipping your colourful tresses!

3. Brims and braids

A cowboy hat with two thick braids is a tried-and-tested look for summer. Practical, too, if you need to drop the hat and go for a dip in the sea! Wide-brimmed hats frame your face and look gorgeous with a single plait. Some single plaits start from the nape of the neck, which will allow you to tip your hat further back. Others, such as fishtail braids or plaited ponytails, start from your crown. These also look great with brimmed caps! 

With these top tips, you'll be ready (at the drop of a hat) to find headgear that complements your beautiful hairstyle!

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  • Marina Kyriacou
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