Make your hair extensions seem too good to be fake

Make your hair extensions seem too good to be fake

Purchasing a hair extension that matches the hair’s natural texture, colour and curl pattern is crucial in giving you a brushed and elegant appearance. It is, however, difficult to get that excellent finished look by merely fixing the hair on the head without a little manipulation. This quick and easy hair fix is the number one reason most people prefer to seek the services of a salon professional who will customise weaves, wigs, and crochets. 

An experienced salon hair stylist will invest in professional hair shears and hair scissors. In combination with a few clear instructions, one can achieve a decent clean trim while using the right tools. Learn the basics of customising any hair extension by grabbing the perfect pair of scissors. These hacks will tame any unruly mane or hair. 

Wigs and weaves

Thinning hair shears are particularly helpful in refining weaves and pre-made wigs. Use a good pair to avoid large ends and heaped up roots. Begin by separating the hair from the middle of your head. Tie up one section and use a pair of scissors to blend the extension with your existing hair length.

It is not a secret that wigs are not a women-only product. Men with a balding problem enjoy the camouflage of a short natural wig. Use cobalt scissors over a comb to reduce the hair to a uniform level. You can press the comb closer to the scalp to create a more natural look on the sides of the head. 

Crochet hair

Crocheted hairstyles are the newest trends and are pretty popular on social media especially YouTube. These styles are easy to manipulate and maintain. They, however, lack some of the benefits of a wig, such as a frontal. Using a pair of Japanese scissors to thin out the edges of the crocheted hair will mimic the appearance of a well laid down wig or weave. One can also shape up the hair by imitating a natural hair volume at the hair's ends and along the face. 

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