Making the most of vibrant hair with unique cuts

Making the most of vibrant hair with unique cuts


From the brightest colours to the palest pastels, there's no doubt that taking risks with your hair is more rewarding than ever. And this doesn't just apply to your chosen shade - when it comes to complementing that perfect pink, stunning silver or brilliant blue, you'll want the perfect cut to match. Here are just a few styles we're loving for vibrant hair.

Big and curly

How better to show off vibrant locks than to make use of natural texture and shape? If your hair naturally holds a curl or has a great deal of volume, consider getting your hairdresser to take their scissors to your longer ends and opt for an on-trend below the chin style. Not only will this accentuate the size of your hair, but it's also perfect for the warmer months where thick hair can be far too hot to handle. Combine this cut with emerald greens and on-trend denim blues to turn heads in the right way.

Less is more

The perfect pixie is so much more than just a short haircut. Tell your stylist to make the most of his or her hair shears with a highly structured, knife-sharp look that can be the ideal way to accentuate the bone structure. Think shape, texture and drama with the pixie to keep it up to date - the perfect way to show off vibrant red tresses or mermaid teal shades while remaining relatively low maintenance, and reducing the time and effort needed for dye upkeep and maintenance.

Super slick

There's no denying that poker straight hair is back in a big way. Think a centre part or a perfectly placed razor-sharp fringe to modernise this retro look and bring it up to date in seconds. Often seen in combination with pale pastel shades or even whites and greys, this on-point style can be difficult to maintain day to day and requires more visits to your hairdresser's chair, but the end results are more than worth it.

Regular touch-ups of any style to ensure an immaculate shape are a must, but with Japanese cobalt scissors, staying on the sharp end - for yourself and your clients - is simple. Contact us to find out more.

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  • Marina Kyriacou
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