Reasons to opt for a layered cut for long hair

Reasons to opt for a layered cut for long hair

Layered hairstyles can really remove bulk from your hair, giving a lighter feel and adding volume, while creating a chic look whether hair is loose or worn up. If you have straighter hair you will particularly notice the benefits of layering, as it allows you to add lift and experiment with waves and curls. You'll find that layering your longer hair gives the added texture and thickness needed to complement your personal style while providing greater flexibility when it comes to styling. A good layered cut also flatters any shape of the face by adding a softer, more sophisticated appearance.

Benefits of layering longer hair

If you have very long hair, adding layers will instantly reduce the heavy feel of your hair, and when you tie it back or put it up you'll discover the layers of hair surrounding your face will fall into a wispy, slightly curly look which is extremely flattering.

There are a number of layering options available, you could choose:

  • layers with bangs or a fringe
  • softer layers on shoulder length hair, which are extremely manageable and allow your hair to fall into shape effortlessly
  • choppy layers with highlighting to stress the beauty of the cut
  • waist length hair feels much lighter when it has layers and will be easier to manage

If you have a long, narrow face shape you'll find that layering your hair makes it look a lot fuller and this will add width to your face, giving it a more oval appearance. Where faces are more round, the added volume of layered hair gives the face a far more slender look. Of course, you should opt for a hairdresser that can give you the best possible cut, which is tailored to suit your looks. The type and quality of scissors used really does make a difference to layering, as good quality equipment allows the stylist to create choppy layers, wispy layers or a smooth, virtually invisible look.

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