Struggling with frizzy summer hair? 3 ways to keep your style sleek

Struggling with frizzy summer hair? 3 ways to keep your style sleek

There's nothing worse than the heat and humidity of summer to leave your head with a halo of frizz - especially when it comes to spending time outside or going between air-conditioned offices and outdoor sunshine. If your hair is feeling a bit on the frizzy side, here are just a few ways you can make your hair more sleek and shiny:

1. Invest in great haircare

From high-quality moisturising hair masks to simply suitable shampoos and conditioners, there are many products out there specifically designed to help you manage your summer frizz, and leave your hair looking healthy, shiny and nourished. Ensuring you keep up a good hair care routine is as important in the hot summer months as it is in colder weather, to ensure your hair has less damage and is happier and frizz-free.

2. Get regular trims

A big part of keeping your hair happy and healthy - and reducing the level of frizz - is to ensure you trim your hair regularly, with high-quality scissors that make the job easy. Japanese cobalt scissors are an excellent choice for regular trims, thanks to their strength and resistance to many kinds of chemicals; keeping them sharper and more effective for longer. Book yourself in for a trim at least once a month to ensure your frizz is tamed as well as possible.

3. Go short

If you're struggling with frizz and flyaways, or summer is just too hot for long, heavy hair, opting for a crop can be the perfect change you need to make your summer frizz-free and beautiful. Go for a shoulder-length style or even a pixie to greatly reduce the level of frizz you experience in the warmer months, leaving you with a slick and healthy style. Again, Japanese cobalt scissors are the perfect tools for your next cut, and in combination with trims, you can have a sharp, unique and frizz-free style in no time.

Take a look at our range of scissors available today to start the journey to a more frizz-free you, and don't forget to recommend our tools to your hairdresser for the best cut of your life.

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  • Marina Kyriacou
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