The 5 best short hairstyles of 2018

The 5 best short hairstyles of 2018

2018 has been the year of the short hair, with women and men gathering enough courage to make the chop and experiment with their hairstyle. Don't shy away from cropped hair, as these haircuts frame the face and look effortlessly elegant. Clients will be opting for an effortless short style for their Christmas and New Years Eve parties, so make sure you have time and quality scissors to accommodate the trend.

1. Side-swept bob

Perfect if you're growing out a pixie cut, this hairstyle allows you to make the chop and still rock a small ponytail. This hairstyle pairs well with a side fringe and will look great even with a loose curl. 

2. A stylish quiff

Move over Elvis Presley: anyone can rock a quiff in 2018. Perfect on very short hair, this look screams androgyny and instantly makes the wearer look effortlessly cool. All you need is a pair of straighteners and some fixing cream and your sleek quiff is sure to be the envy of the town.

3. Pixie cut

This classic look is ideal for those who want to elude feminine elegance. Made iconic by Audrey Hepburn, the pixie cut is a vintage style sure to make those cheekbones pop. There might be less hair to work with, but the styling options are endless for formal occasions or casual wear. 

4. Curly bob

Whoever said that a bob has to be straight? The chin-length snip looks effortlessly stylish when it's curly and is ideal for those who want their hair to have more volume. 

5. Buzzcut

Kristen Stewart rocked this look earlier this year, completely transforming the hairstyle's risky reputation. For a bold change, this closely cropped look will surprise you and look great on so many people. Once the chop has been made, the style is easy to maintain and will add a great deal of edginess to your overall style. For a great finishing touch, bleached or boldly coloured roots go well with a buzz cut. 

Beautiful, short haircuts aren't possible without the proper equipment.  Kobaruto manufactures the highest quality hair scissors that every salon and hairdresser must own.

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