The Best Hairstyles for Men in 2018

The Best Hairstyles for Men in 2018

The best fashion, by definition, changes year-by-year. As old styles that were previously trendy become boring and passé, it’s always important to keep your look up-to-date. With so many new, fashionable men’s hairstyles to try in 2018, it can sometimes be hard to decide which style is the one for you. With a variety of new, innovative styles, and plenty of updates on old standards, there are a host of options for every man out there. 

Picking the right style can be very important; it is not just a statement fashion statement, but also represents your personality and what you want to display to other people. No matter whether you have straight, curly or thick hair, there are loads of fresh looks to try to make you stand out from the crowd. With that in mind, here are just a few of the best men’s hairstyles in 2018 to try out.

1) Textured crops

The crop is quickly becoming one of the most popular hairstyles in barbershops across the globe, as men of all ages are becoming increasingly attracted to short hair due to its simple style and easy styling. With short hair on the top being combined with a fade on the sides, added to with the use of wax or matte pomade, textured crops will certainly be a mainstay of 2018

2) Quiff

Sometimes it’s hard to beat an old classic. For a host of young and trendy men, the quiff remains an essential hairstyle to try out. With short faded sides, and extra length on the top, the only difficulty for some men is the extra time required to get the perfect look for them. However, if a quiff is the one for you, then simply start with clean, dry hair, then blow dry your hair and combine with wax or putty to keep your desired style in place. 

3) Tapered cuts

For those who prefer to avoid faded sides and the use of clippers, the tapered cut is the one for you. Being both trendy and easy to style, the tapered cut is quickly becoming one of the top styles of 2018. Providing a longer look than other styles out there, the tapered cut still gets gradually shorter the further it moves down your head, but does not offer the same stark contrast as a fade. As some men are looking to longer cuts, this style looks set to be one of the most popular of 2018.

All men’s hairstyles aim to be quick and easy to work with. To provide a defined and trendy look that is easy to work with, remember to use high quality cobalt scissors to really delight your customers.

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