The real reasons why getting a regular haircut is good for your hair

The real reasons why getting a regular haircut is good for your hair


We’ve all heard the myth that in order to grow our hair we need to cut it often. Well, somewhat unfortunately, this isn’t the case. The frequency of the cuts you should be having really depends on your hairstyle and type – meaning, there’s plenty of reasons why you still need that regular snip. 

Happy ends mean happy hair – There’s nothing worse than having dry and frazzled ends which not even serum will fix. And why spend time and money trying to solve something that a trip to the hairdressers will have sorted in seconds? Just make sure your hairdresser uses the correct tools, such as razor-sharp Japanese cobalt hair scissors, which will cleanly cut away the tips of your hair, leaving you with silky smooth ends.

What’s your type? 

Your hair type plays a big part in how regularly you need to get it cut. If you have dry, frazzle-prone tresses then it’s best to go for a trim often – before the ends get dry and damaged. If you have fine hair you should also visit your stylist frequently, to make sure your locks stay bouncy and volumized. If you have tight, coarse curls then you can limit your trips to the hairdressers to once every three months, while those with medium to fine curls are advised to go every 8-12 weeks. 

Keeping a fresh style

How often you go for the chop also largely depends on your chosen hairstyle. If you have lots of different layers, then it’s recommended you go to get them restyled once every six weeks – to keep the style fresh and energised. The same goes for a bob or ‘lob’. If you’ve opted for a delicate pixie cut then you’ll need to get it reshaped every four weeks - which seems like a large time investment but can actually be easily incorporated into your routine. 

DIY job

If you have a fringe then you’ll need a quick trim every two weeks, to keep your hair looking chic and fresh. Rather than take a fortnightly trip to the hairdressers, some people decide to prune their own fringes in between style appointments. If you do choose to do this, then investing in a good quality pair of Japanese cobalt hair scissors is crucial for the health of both your hair and style.

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  • Marina Kyriacou
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