Tips on how to embrace your naturally curly hair

Tips on how to embrace your naturally curly hair

Naturally curly hair can be a gift that most people would kill for. You can make the tousled hairstyle look effortless, and you're able to rock ringlets at a formal event without spending hours of your morning burning your hair with a curling iron. On a good day, your curls are defined and full of volume, but on a bad day, your mane can be untameable and frizzy, which is why most people choose to hide their hair instead of figuring out how to manage it. Here are some tips on how to fall back in love with your curly hair.

Find a cut to suit your curls

Layered hairstyles suit almost every curl type as they provide volume at the roots while still giving your hair length. Professional hairdressers are often intimidated by curly hair because of the unpredictability of the curl shrinkage once the cut has been made. With professional scissors, cutting curly hair can be a dream as precise layers are easier to achieve. Extremely curly hair might be more manageable and easier to style if your cut is shorter, but long tresses are always a great option for those who are willing to invest more time into their haircare routine. 

Avoid heat

Dehydration is curly hair's kryptonite as it causes unsightly frizz and breakage. Heat damage is one of the biggest contributors to dry hair, making your curls look brittle and unhealthy. Ditch the straighteners and hair dryers where possible and let your hair be its natural, wavy self; beautifully defined curls will come with time and patience. 

Add moisture 

Add moisture to your locks wherever possible as curly hair doesn't hold moisture as well as straight hair. You can do this during any stage of your haircare routine by using leave-in conditioners and hair masks. Give your curly hair some extra TLC during the winter months as the cold air will strip your locks of essential hydration. Coconut oil is a great product that can do wonders for your hair; just a small amount defines curls and locks in moisture all day.

Defined curls aren't hard to achieve, just follow these tips and learn to love your naturally curly hair again.

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  • Marina Kyriacou
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