Top hairstyles for straight hair

Top hairstyles for straight hair

Super straight hair can be so much fun to play and experiment with. Keep those locks long, go short, or add fresh layers. The good news is that straight hair is easy to cut with super sharp cobalt Japanese scissors, to give you that truly edgy look. But straight hair needn't be boring! Below we have some top hair styles for straight hair. 

The middle-part bob

Think Uma Thurman in Pulp Fiction. This ultra slick, short bob with a middle parting is sharp, sexy and suited for women with straight hair. Cobalt scissors help to achieve this sharp cut. Add a short, sharp and straight fringe for a more dramatic look. This look works as there is no need for layers. If you do have fine hair, then carry on reading for the layered bob.

The layered bob

The layered bob is such a good look for women who have straight, yet very fine hair. A typical bob can make fine hair look even finer, and less healthy. The way to fix this is to add super sharp layers that will help to create volume, so that hair will appear to be thicker. 

The shag

Remember the early aughts, when everyone wore the shag! We all loved it, and the good news is that it is back and perfect for summer. Today, the shag is worn shorter and more dramatic, and sharp layers have been added to create an even stronger and fun look. Chipped layers are easily achieved using cobalt scissors or professional hairdressing shears. 

The stacked bob

The stacked bob is shorter at the back and has tons of texture on top. It's also the perfect style for women with busy lifestyles, who simply want to wash and go. The ends are kept long and are cut sharp to frame the face. The new stacked bob is also spritzed with styling product to help define the sharp edges. When you have straight hair you can simply wash, spritz your hair and then leave it to dry. 

Straight hair is incredibly versatile and super easy to work with. To help achieve that sharp and defined look, remember to use good quality cobalt scissors.

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  • Marina Kyriacou
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