What are Cobalt Shears?

What are Cobalt Shears?

To answer this question we need to go back to when Japan was ruled by Shoguns and Samurai.

For you see these were the pioneers of such deadly weapons as Samurai swords, which were made of the finest alloy and steal in the land.

These masters of forging created blades made from an element called Cobalt. This metal was one of the most durable types of metal that a precision blade could be made from. Using Cobalt and blending it with steal they could create harder more durable blades.

Fast forward to today and these processes are still in use, Kobaruto employ's the Cobalt element into all its blades so that precision barbers and hairstylists have the most durable and sharpest tools to make light work of any hair cut.

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  • Cole Wood
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