Why Japanese cobalt scissors are your summer salon must-have

Why Japanese cobalt scissors are your summer salon must-have
Japanese cobalt scissors are not just any hair scissors, they’re professional hair shears which give you so much more than your usual tools. 

Produced from the finest Japanese cobalt alloy makes them super strong, and doesn’t put them at risk of being damaged by chemicals in the salon. This means not only happier clients with super soft, beautiful hair but also a pair of hair shears you can be proud of, which are cost-effective and will stand the test of time. 

There are many ways you can add some extra oomph to either your clients’ or your own hair this summer and experiment with the latest trends, with a little helping hand from these professional shears…

Shorter, sexier cuts 

Summer is an extremely popular time to invest in a new hairstyle, and you’ll likely find many clients wanting shorter styles for the warmer months, which are easier to manage and much cooler when the weather really starts heating up. 

Achieve a soft, sexy cut by adding layers, and don’t go too short, it’s better to take little bits off at a time, especially if you or your client is used to longer locks. 

Shorter styles really suit the messy look, especially if you want to enjoy a more casual look, so add some soft waves or curls, then comb out and add a touch of product, to finish. 

Loose summer waves 

The look everyone wants to achieve – the loose summer waves. 

It’s easier than you think to get right, but hair needs to be in a good condition to hold the style and really do it justice. 

Trim off any dead ends using slow, precise motions, making sure it’s nicely layered all around. If the style is long, keep layers long, too, it’ll really set the look off. 

Loosely curl hair in large portions using a barrel iron, or just blow drying, until you have an even look. Then, run your fingers through to loosen everything off more, if desired, before adding some final product to keep them in place (not too much, though!). 

Kobaruto doesn’t just specialise in female haircare, these cobalt scissors act perfectly as barber scissors, too. Discover more of our range and get more top haircare tips on our blog.

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  • Marina Kyriacou
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