Why we love Japanese cobalt scissors, and you should too

Why we love Japanese cobalt scissors, and you should too

When it comes to hair scissors, you really can't beat Japanese cobalt scissors. You may have heard the hype about this type of professional hair shears, but not really know what all the fuss is about. These high-quality scissors are in high demand by stylists due to their strength, durability, and style. We want to share some of the reasons why we love them, and why you should too.

Quality of materials

Japanese steel is some of the most highly prized steel in the world. Japanese cobalt scissors are made by adding cobalt to this super-hard steel, producing a durable, light-weight blade. This steel alloy is hard enough to hold its edge over prolonged use (they rarely need sharpening), but not too hard to sharpen to a razor point. You could say they're the Goldilocks of hair shears! High-quality and attention to detail like this ensures that these shears will cut perfectly, time after time. 


Japanese cobalt scissors can be honed to a very sharp edge. This means that they can be used to cut a variety of styles - from chipping through to sliding cuts. The scissors are perfect for cutting fine or dry hair because of the unbeatable smoothness of their cutting action. Not needing to switch shears for different hair types or cuts makes these scissors a real work horse. The honed edge also has the benefit of reducing cutting noise, giving you a smooth and quiet cut. 

Kind to your stylist

Hair shears made from this material are lightweight, and gain their strength from cobalt, rather than nickel. This means that these scissors are kinder not only to your hair, but to your stylist's hands. Better cutting action, with lighter blades and a cobalt alloy combine to make these scissors world-class. Not only that, but freeing your stylist up to concentrate on great cuts unlocks their creativity, and allows them to give you a great professional cut without the fuss.

To learn more about Japanese cobalt scissors, contact the team at Kobaruto today.

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