Japanese Hair Scissors

Japanese hairdressing scissors are world renowned for their quality and durability.

The most durable are scissors or shears made from a superlative special alloy made from Cobalt, this metal is extremely durable and designed to be used for hairdressers and barbers who need their tools to be used every day all day.

Kobaruto Japanese High Quality Hair Scissors

The Japanese have been making superlative Cobalt alloys for hundreds of years and are experts at this type of cobalt metal because many samurai swords were made by these master craftsmen. 

They have adapted this forging process to create some of the worlds most desired and best hair scissors and shears for barbers and hairdressers.

Barber Scissors

Our Kobaruto scissors and shears are no exception to this process and are exclusively designed to be the best scissors and shears for barbers and hairdressers.

Hair scissors

Incorporating the light but majestic feel of the smooth gliding blades and adjustable tension to suit the users needs, with our specialised non slip handles on our blue cobalt scissors you can feel the craftsmanship and years of work put into making these professional hair tools.